Friday, August 5, 2011

Young children in church

I have two little girls: one is three-and-a-half, and the other is one-and-a-half. I am with them 24/7.  I rarely leave them with my hubby to even run out to go shopping. If I do, the youngest is always napping. If she wakes before my arrival, she runs around the house calling my name and looking for me. When she realizes I am gone, she breaks down into tears. :( My hubby does everything to try to make her happy again, but with little success. The oldest was the exact same way, but is fine to be left with my hubby--and no one else.

So then comes the dilemma three times a week--Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. My littlest does not want to stay in the nursery. I do not think it is right (for my family) to leave a little one upset and crying in an unfamiliar person's arms when not absolutely necessary. After months of trying to sneak away without her seeing me leave the church nursery, my hubby and I decided to try to keep her with us in church. My 3 yo does okay usually, but my 1 yo--not so much. She is everywhere (or at least she tries to be), and if I restrain her she gets upset. Then she talks. Not loudly, but it is still talking. We sit in the very back, so we won't be a huge distraction. Most of the church members have been very kind about it, but there are still the select few who have said something no so kind. :/

What do you think? What age did you start bringing your child into the service with you? Any tips how to keep the kids quiet?

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